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The 10 Hottest Trending Pet Gifts for 2017

New pet owners and veteran owners alike want the best for their pets. Holidays are no exception to wanting the furry friends in your life to enjoy every day to the fullest. While you may usually spend hours on end finding the best gifts for your 2-legged friends and family, you may be at a loss for the best gifts for your pets. Well, don’t despair! Many products are out there for you to spoil your pooches and kitties with. Even if you’re going away, your San Diego pet sitter can help utilize these new fun toys, treats, and soft beds to help give your pet the best holiday yet. Here is a list of the top 5 trending holiday gifts for your cats and dogs this year.

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Gifts for Cats

5. Apollo Peak MosCATo Wine

Let’s start this list off right. A new trend has emerged that involves enjoying a glass of wine with your cat. This “wine” is actually just a catnip blend made with organic beets and herbs that are safe for your kitty. What a fun holiday treat!

4. 3-Way Cat Tunnel

Exercise is necessary and your kitty can get just that with an element of fun with this tunnel. It has three short entrances to hide in, is made from fun crinkle paper, and also has a soft plush ball hanging from a string. It’s three entertaining toys in one!

3. Cat Cabin Pet Scratch Center

This scratcher toy comes in the shape of an actual cabin complete with many scratch surfaces and plenty of hiding space. It will keep your kitty satisfied from boredom and even help with claw care. Your San Diego pet sitter can even ensure that this toy introduced and acclimated to guarantee your pet’s comfort (and protect your furniture) while you are away.

2. PetSafe Dart Automatic Rotating Laser

This laser gift is safe on your kitty’s eyes, but also adds a special surprise for you both. It’s customizable! You can create patterns that your cat can interact with and learn from. What a fun and unique training toy for your frisky feline.

1. Meow Box Monthly Subscription

Taking away your guess-work is the pre-made, yet variable monthly box for cats. At a low price, it offers a variety of toys, treats, and learning devices sure to make sure that your cat is always happy.

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Gifts for Dogs

5. Fair Isle Family Holiday Dog Pajamas

Including your pets in your holiday festivities adds to the fun. These pajamas ensure that the celebration is extended to every member of your family. Lightweight, but also resilient, these fun duds can make a memorable Christmas for everyone!

4. Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Another great gift for your pooch is this IQ treat ball. The ball is a fun and intellectually stimulating way for your pet to figure out just how to turn the ball to get the treats out. They will love spending hours trying to get any tasty treat from this toy.

3. The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth

With the increasing switch to being more health-conscious, the benefits of bone broth are being touted not only for humans but for pets too. This season give your pet this delicious treat with ingredients like pumpkin and turmeric for flexible joints, strong bones, and healthy muscles.

2. iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower

While fetch is essential for health and well-being, you may not have much time to devote to it during the holiday. This mini-tennis ball launcher can give your pet the attention it deserves while you or your pet sitter supervises from afar (not too far)!

1. Bark Box Monthly Subscription

The equivalent of the previously mentioned Meow Box has the same variety to get to know your dog’s likes and dislikes. Each month different items will arrive in the bark box to let your dog find new treats and even savor old favorites.

Pet gifts are easy to find this year. From the hottest new additions to the tried and true classics, you can find something to please each of your furry friends. Always remember to look to your San Diego pet sitter to help you and your pets enjoy the holidays while you’re away or just when you need an extra hand. This year and those to come celebrate with love.