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We are experienced pet professionals and we understand each dog or cat has their own unique personality, therefore we create a plan of action best suited to fit your pets lifestyle, challenges and routines.


30-Minute Midday

This is a great walk for small dogs, or those a little less energetic, also great for those dogs that already go on morning and evening walks as well as great for older dogs. This 30 minute walk is perfect for your dog to not only have a quick bathroom break but have some time outside to get some exercise, attention, socialize and stretch his/her legs.


per walk
one-two walks per week


per walk
3 -5 days per week for ongoing walks or call to tailor a plan to fit your dog’s walking needs

Power Walk

This one hour walk is perfect for your athletic dog. Your dog will be picked up by his or her zen dog walker and enjoy on a hearty one hour walk. Your dog will be able to relieve itself as well as get the attention and exercise he/she needs and deserves.
per walk
one-two walks per week


per walk
3 -5 days per week for ongoing walks or call to tailor a plan to fit your dog’s walking needs

1/2 Day Small
Dog Play

Play day takes place at our wonderful Pet Sitter’s backyard, transformed into a zen pup play paradise with agility course, tunnels, and more.

This is a small play group @ 5 dogs per day maximum, most of the times 3 to 4 dogs. We are keeping the group small so we can monitor the pups to give them all of the love, care, attention and socializing that they need. The smaller group allows us to get to know each dog very well so we can fully meet there behavioral socializing and exercising needs.

  • Includes pick up and drop off
  • Pick up from home 9:30 /10 am Monday through Thursday
    (Some Sundays)
  • Drop off at home 1:30/2 pm
  • Please inquire within re: custom days & packages for your pup
  • Small group play, 5 pups maximum per day


includes pick up and drop off
“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”
— A.D. Williams
  • Major Holidays: New Years Day and Eve, Christmas Day and Eve and Thanksgiving, Easter add $25 to overnights and $15 for visits and walks.
  • Special Packages available for stays longer than 10 days.
  • No extra Charge for 2nd pet, 3rd pet add $5.
  • All Pet Sitting is Private one on one time with your pet and his or her sitter.

Zen Pet Visit / House Call


Cat, new puppy or wee wee pad trained dog? We visit your cat or dog and spend time with your pet, love them up, change their pad or clean litter box, refill their water, feed him/her while you are away, this visit lasts 30 minutes
Mindfulness and Animals with The Zen Pet

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Stay in touch & keep updated on our mindful sessions for pets and parents