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musical life for you and your animal companion

Healing songs for your pet

Healing music for pets and people

Healing songs for your pets (contact Denise for details) plus live musical meditations with your pet and Downloads

Uplifting Musical events- see calendar for monthly events ( dogs welcome at Bayshire Torrey Pines sing & serve event with a prior reservation)


Sing and Serve:
  • 1st and the 3rd Sunday’s of each month
  • Join Denise as we stroll the halls of Bayshire Torrey Pines singing to patients in their rooms
  • We sing uplifting songs to promote healing, love & peace
  • Everyone is welcome
  • 1.30pm -2:30 PM
  • Bayshire Torrey Pines Senior Living, 13101 Hartfield Ave, Del Mar
  • Please contact Denise regarding bringing your dog along (2 dogs per month)
Sacred Singing:
  • 3rd Sunday of every month.
  • Please contact Denise for details…. this is uplifting …calms the mind, opens the heart —everyone is welcome.
  • VIa Zoom, Contact Denise for Link
Sacred Singing:

Join Denise on Facebook live for musical meditations in nature – inquire for dates!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram – the zen pet & tune in to the live musical meditations with your animal companion. (ok to tune in without an animal to)

Stay in touch & keep updated on our mindful sessions for pets and parents