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Practicing meditation with a pet is an interesting experience because pets tend to be attracted by the energy one exhibits. In fact, pets feel more at ease and peaceful when they are in a relaxed space like a meditation space compared to a pet sitting session. Apart from feeling less anxious, pets benefit from regular meditation in the same manner humans do. Let us look at 5 benefits that sharing a meditation practice with your pet provides.

Reduction of stress

Regular meditation provides a positive experience and a break from a stressful day. When you reduce the level of stress from your body, the body will naturally heal itself and give you an opportunity to handle your tasks with ease. This is most crucial for ailing and old animals. In fact, when you are at peace, less stressed and relaxed, it might be the greatest attraction for your pet towards you.

Build trust and strengthen safety

In most cases, a professional pet sitting company can help with creating a safe environment where pets can grow. It is common for pets to grow in fear and insecurity if their early development stages were not conducive for them. The best example is when pets are adopted. Pets often build their confidence when they experience great emotions from their owners during their earlier stages of development. You can easily experience the bond between you and your pet growing each time you practice meditation.

Connecting your energy levels with your pet

During meditation, you are often more passive and calm. Your energy is often realigned during the practice. Since energy is not confined within the body, you can merge with your pet in this powerful state. This is ideally how pets are drawn easily to new individuals. To deepen your understanding between you and your pet, meditation plays an important step.

Conduct a daily routine

Pets tend to align with natural energy. Since they have this tendency, it is important to keep a daily routine that can help them stay in tune with a healthy life. The best way to commit to a daily routine is to have a morning meditation routine. You can allocate between five to ten minutes during the morning hours to meditate at a comfortable quiet space with your pet. The reward for this routine are fulfilling.

Develop a communication channel

An animal derives safety from your peaceful state. This is often true for pets that are not confident with their surroundings. During meditation, the energy levels you provide are felt with your pet. You can also connect with your pet during your breathing rhythms. As you sit with your pet, place the palm of your hand to the chest region of your pet and concentrate on the breathing rhythm. As you settle into a comfortable space, align your breathing cycle with your pet’s. This union can be created after a few minutes after you begin your practice. There are different ways you can share some quality time with your pet. But meditation has a more meaningful reward. You will not only be improving your overall health but improve the connection with your pet.