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The holiday season is challenging for pets and their owners. The normal daily routine is usually interrupted due to visitors moving in for almost an entire week. The changing environment is often tough for pets to adjust to, as much as people get exhausted with all the preparations of the celebration; it is hard for both parties. If you understand your pet, you will have to prepare ways to counter their mood changes. But how does the holiday season really change the moods of the pets?

Let us look at 4 ways that cause mood changes in pets and how you can help them.


Having your entire extended family in one house or a group of friends enjoying the festive season will definitely cause a lot of distractions to your pet, because of noise. Since pets have sensitive hearing, and they have an acute sense of smell, it is easy for their moods to change. To help your pets, you need to create safe zones that are peaceful and quiet for them to retreat to at any time. Although they will not be completely barred from the festive distraction, they will have a safe space.

At the same time, ensure that you stick to your playing time with them as you used to. You can use a dog walker or a pet sitter as help in retaining the routine of your pet if you do not plan to do the pet sitting job because of your guests. This is very important for your pets.

Holiday treats on meal

It is normal to offer your pets some festive treats. In this season, it is common to cook a lot of food to the point of leaving leftovers lying around. While it is often tempting you should not offer fish or poultry bones to your pets, they can cause injuries. Some of the food that humans eat can easily cause digestive problems which will lead to discomfort and a change in mood to your pets.

 Christmas decorations can cause harm to your pets

Most animals get drawn to the Christmas tree because of the glitters and lights. In some Christmas seasons, pets have ended up in the vet clinic because they tried to play with the Christmas tree and got injured in the end. Your pet will also try to eat some of the ornaments, which will lead to stomach upsets, you don’t want to allow that to happen. Christmas lights can also cause a great deal of danger to your pet so be sure to keep an eye on any pets that could be harmed.

To keep them safe, always have someone watching over your pets when they are in the vicinity of the Christmas tree. Additionally, keep your decorating materials like ribbons far away from the reach of your pets. It can be disastrous for your pet to eat an element that has poisonous properties. Keep the candles away from them. too As much as pets don’t like fire, they can easily knock down the candles.


Fireworks are a treat during the New Year’s Eve, but they also cause a threat to pets because of the flashing lights and the loud noise. Since animals do not understand what is going on, you need to keep them as far away as possible from fireworks. Before midnight, close the windows, lower the blinds, and even draw the curtains. Look for ways to sooth your animals like playing some classical music in their quiet rooms. Once the festive season is all over, you can take your pet back to the normal routine and keep them happy.