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As you may have already heard, essential oils are the new craze. Granted, these oils have been around for ages, but recently we’ve seen some resurgence in their uses and benefits. Some oils can be beneficial, while others can be harmful. Here are the top 3 useful essential oils that are pet-friendly as well as the top 3 essential oils to avoid if you have a pet.


  • Anise – Causes skin allergies. Anise is also poisonous to the stomach lining if large quantities are consumed.
  • Wintergreen – Highly reactive to humans and animals. Skin irritation can result along with mucus membrane irritation.
  • Thyme – Allergic reactions can occur.


  • Chamomile – calming for anxiety, soothes in sleep disorders.
  • Ginger – aids in healthy digestion. Also beneficial for inflammation reduction.
  • Lavender – Also calming and a sleep aide in excitable dogs. This remedy is extremely beneficial for infants, children, and animals alike.

When it comes to pets, be sure to practice safety first with your essential oils. Do not forget to always let your pet sitting service know which oils to use to comfort your pets and which oils are harmful. They will definitely benefit from knowing what your pet can tolerate.  After all, happy pet, happy life!