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Best Techniques for Young and Older Dogs

Do you have a new pet? Whether your current furry friend just had puppies or you’ve rescued an older dog, you might be in need of some potty training tips. Well, you are in luck with the following tips to make training your pooch a breeze.

Know Their Habits

Dogs will need to eliminate after eating, sleeping, and even after an intense play session. Every pup is different, so getting to know their unique habits is essential. Of course, puppies may need to use the bathroom more as they get used to their bodies, so just remember to pay close attention very early on.


Crate training has proven to be very effective for dogs of any age. Dogs generally don’t like to use the bathroom where they eat or sleep. The crate size should be big enough for movements like standing and lying, but not too big to give space for elimination. Be sure not to keep any pet in the crate too long to offer time for exercise and playtime. Your pet sitting service will have staff that is trained to help you with this step, should you need it.

Give Motivation

Just like us, your pup will need a reason to want to do as you wish and alert you when they need to go outside. A great way to do this is through treats and rewards. When your pet successfully uses the bathroom outside, provide a treat or a nice pat on the head. This action reinforces the good behavior that your dog will seek again and your training will be complete!

Potty training dogs of any age is a reachable goal and can be reinforced with the help of a dog walker or pet sitting service. Remember that if you’re having difficulty after consistent training, other issues could be at hand. Always check with your veterinarian to rule out any possible health or behavior issue.