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Leaving your dog alone for extended periods of time can cause anxiety for them as well as you. They may become lonely or show signs of stress when you leave that can make you feel guilty every time you walk out the door. These tips can help keep your dog busy when you are away and make it a little easier on both of you to be apart.

Provide Plenty Of Chew Toys 

Giving your dog something to keep them busy when you are away at work can make the day go faster for them. Chew toys are perfect for a lonely dog that needs a way to pass the time while being alone. Make sure the chews you select are durable and will not splinter as your dog begins to chew them. This will keep them preoccupied when you can’t be with them and also works to promote teeth health.

Have Your Dog Walked

One of the best ways to ensure your dog is less anxious when you are gone is to have them walked prior to your departure. This will tire them out and help them sleep a little easier as they get rid of that pent-up energy with a little exercise. You can also schedule a dog walker to come to your home when you are gone to break up the day for your dog. Having a dog walker on hand for a walk will get your dog ready for a nice snooze in the afternoon after some fresh air and exercise.

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Give Them A Snuggly Bed

Making your dog’s sleeping spot as enticing as possible will give them more reason to sleep the hours away when you are gone. Choose a comfortable mattress and provide a warm blanket to help them snuggle up. Move your dog’s bed to their favorite spot, and soon your dog will be looking forward to those precious hours of sleep when you are gone.

Leave The Radio Or TV On

If your dog is on the lonely side, you can make them feel more at ease in an empty house by leaving the TV or radio on for them. This will provide some background noise for them and allow them to feel more at home when you can’t be with them. Leaving a radio or TV on also helps to drown out any unusual noises that can cause barking and anxiety in dogs that are left alone.

Have A Pet Sitter Stay Over

If your dog just can’t bear to be on their own for any period of time, your best option is to have a pet sitter stay with them when you can’t be there. You can always hire a San Diego pet sitter to come to your home and keep your dog company during the hours that you can’t be there. A pet sitter can help reduce your dog’s stress and keep them calm when you are away by distracting them with playtime and plenty of cuddles.

These tips can make it easier for your dog to be left alone. They can help reduce their stress and anxiety levels in your dog when you can’t be there to pay attention to them. It will also make you feel more at ease when you do have to leave the house and must be without your dog’s company.