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Holiday Pet Care

Pet sitters in San Diego can be a saving grace, especially when it comes to the hectic holidays. For this Thanksgiving, if you’re going away, hosting a party, or even just celebrating with your family, you may need an extra set of hands and eyes for your pets.

We all know that animals require extra work and who doesn’t want the best and most complete care for their pets? This Thanksgiving give yourself and your furry friends a top-notch holiday by contacting a professional pet sitting company for the most efficient and comforting care of your pets. That extra set of loving hands will be well worth it!

Below are a few more reasons why you shouldn’t wait to book a pet sitter for Thanksgiving.

pet sitterSafety First

Whether you are at home or away, the safety of your pets should always be a priority. Hiring a  professional pet sitter in San Diego can help keep an eye on your pet and help you avoid a trip to the vet. They can keep any holiday decorations away from your feisty pooch or curious kitty.

Also, if you’re busy with guests or just cooking Thanksgiving dinner for your family, you may not be able to give your pet all of the attention he or she needs. A pet sitting service will be able to supervise meals, playtime, and walks to make sure your best friends are safe and taken care of.

pet sitterWhat’s On The Menu?

A professional pet sitter will make sure that healthy treats are given to your pet that are delicious and allow them to have a delightful Thanksgiving in their honor. Many dogs enjoy bits of turkey and pumpkin chunks or puree, which are safe bets for them to consume in moderation when they are free of added sugars or unhealthy fats.

Cats don’t have to be left out of the feast either, some tasty treats they can consume include treats that have apples in them and a pet sitter can help make sure that the pieces of fruit are the right size to avoid a choking hazard. These menu items are great way to let your pets participate in Thanksgiving Day festivities.

Rest and Relaxation

Thanksgiving can be a busy holiday for you. Your pet sitter can take away some of your added stress by keeping your pets occupied and, more importantly, happy. Dogs will need to go on walks to ease any tension from the business around them, to get exercise, and just for plain old fun.

Booking a dog walker ahead of time can relieve you of the burden of trying to make time for that. Also, your pet sitting service can arrange a provider for kitty care who will attend to playing with your pet, grooming, or special needs.

You’ll be able to rest and relax during the holiday knowing that your pet is getting the attention they deserve from a high-quality pet professional. That means you can spend more time with friends and family, or just relaxing comfortably a win-win for all!

Are you looking for a way to give your four-legged family members a memorable Thanksgiving? Well this year, it can be as much fun for your pets as it is for you. A pet sitting company can ensure that you will have happy and healthy pets while you all enjoy your holiday.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your appointment, enlist the services of a pet sitter in San Diego today!