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pet sitter in san diegoPet Sitting In Your San Diego Home

Hiring a pet sitter can be a daunting task. The things you may require and the services offered can cover a wide variety of possibilities. Overnight care or even just a daily check-in for walks and feedings are typical, but did you know that pet sitters can be available for other tasks? From the importance of in-home pet care, to even the smallest gesture of having a playmate while you aren’t home, you and your pets can benefit from pet sitting in your home right here in San Diego. Here are a few more things that you can delegate to your San Diego pet sitter:

5. Feeding

A basic requirement that you will ask of your pet sitter will be to give your pet’s meals. They will be able to follow your pet’s normal routine whether they are an overnight sitter or one that just comes by your house several times a day to care for your pets.


pet sitter in san diego4. Exercising

Exercise is necessary and your San Diego dog walker will be able to not only take your dog on regular walks, but they can also engage them in a game of catch or other fun activity. For those of you requiring kitty care, your San Diego cat sitter can exercise your cats with toys and plenty of play time.

3. Giving Attention

This one is a no-brainer. Even shy pets will seek their fair share of attention. While you are out of town or just putting in a long day at work, a pet sitter in your home will be around to give your pets the love they deserve. Cuddling, petting and even grooming are the attention-giving tasks that they need.

2. Watching Your House

One task that is beyond the traditional notion of hiring an overnight pet sit sitter in San Diego is that your property can be taken care of. The pet sitter will ensure that someone is there to take in your mail or even keep the lights on at normal times to deter anyone who may think that you’re away and want to rob you or vandalize your home.

dog walker in san diego1. Giving Medication

Administering and monitoring your pet’s medication is an important task that most pet owners are unwilling to hand off to just anyone. This is where you’ll appreciate the expertise of a qualified pet sitter. A medication schedule needs to be closely adhered to, and while you are away, your pet sitter can make sure those needs are met. Your dog or cat can also benefit from access to proper medical attention if necessary. If a problem arises when you’re away, your pet sitter can be on alert to contact you and make sure your pet is safe with your veterinarian and getting any medication it needs.

Pet sitting in your home in San Diego just got easier. The range of needs that your pet sitter will meet is more extensive than you may have thought. You’ll be happy to find that they are affordable and the quality of care is well worth it!