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How to Have A Happy Halloween for Your Pet

halloween dogsKeeping Your Pet Safe During Halloween

Getting ready for Halloween takes plenty of spookiness and spirit, but making sure your pet is safe should also be a priority. With a little bit of thought and planning, you can ensure your dog or cat has a fun-filled Halloween too!

Get The Anxiety Out Early

Because Halloween is filled with visitors to your door and unexpected noises in the night, you need to make sure your dog is as relaxed as possible leading up to the events. Take them for a walk to get their pent-up anxiety out as this will allow them to remain calmer throughout the evening. If you don’t have the time or have plans for the day, hire a dog walker to take them for a long relaxing walk. This should be part of their natural exercise regime anyways, and a dog walker can help you fit this into your schedule easily.



dog stealing treat

Hide The Candy

Make sure to keep the candy bowl out of your dog’s reach. Not only will this prevent you from having any candy to handout but it can be dangerous to your dog’s health. Chocolate contains caffeine which can have deadly consequences. You also want to beware of gum and sugar-free candies too as they contain a toxic ingredient known as xylitol that can make your dog very sick. If your dog gets into some candy, there is no need to panic as a call to your vet can help you determine the next steps to take.

Choose A Costume Carefully

Everyone loves dressing their dog up for Halloween in a variety of Spooktacular costumes. If you must dress your dog up, keep in mind their comfort. Make sure the costume fits them properly and isn’t too snug. Watch for any hanging parts that could be choking hazards or mistakenly eaten and be sure their vision isn’t impaired by a mask. If they seem uncomfortable or uneasy, take the costume off and let them be themselves for Halloween.

Prepare for Trick-Or-Treaters

If you have plans to be away during the hours of trick-or-treating prepare to have someone sit with your dog while you are away. The constant doorbell ringing and a myriad of strange noises that they will hear are enough to put your dog on edge. A pet sitting service can help calm their nerves and make sure they are not alone on the scariest night of the year. A pet sitting service is a good idea anytime to help provide your dog comfort in your absence.

halloween catCaring for Your Cat

Don’t forget the safety of your cat during Halloween. They too get scared by strange noises and unfamiliar faces. If you have a Halloween party to attend, think about having kitty care for your cat while you are gone. This will keep them company and make sure they don’t get stressed by events of the day and night. Kitty care can work around your schedule and needs and is a good way to keep your cat safe during every holiday that you can’t be with them.

Keeping your dog and cat safe during Halloween is easy if you prepare early and keep their comfort in mind. If your dog or cat seems stressed that day, do your best to keep them calm and help them relax. If you’re lucky, your dog or cat will be just as excited about the festivities as you and join in on the fun. Happy Halloween!