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dog running

Keeping your dog healthy and happy with daily exercise provides many benefits. Regular exercise can improve your dog’s mental health and physical wellbeing and reduce some common behavioral problems such as excessive barking, digging, chewing, and hyperactivity that are attributed to boredom, frustration, or anxiety. The amount of exercise your dog needs is dependent on several factors including its age, breed, personality, and initial fitness level.



Every puppy is different. You will learn more about your puppy and the amount of exercise needed by spending more time with the pet. However, it is highly recommended that you talk to either a breeder or vet in order to found out how much daily activity is good for your puppy.  Puppies usually have more energy compared to adult dogs hence they need more exercise in short bursts. It is also important to note that puppies are growing constantly, which is why it is ideal to engage your puppy in play sessions or to take your four-legged friend on several short walks throughout the day rather than opting to go for one really long walk because it can be strenuous on your dog’s developing body.

adult dog

Adult Dog

The breed of your dog is a big determinant of the level of physical activity it needs. High-energy breeds such as the Belgian Malinois and Border Collies need more exercise compared to lower-energy breeds such as the Basset Hound or Bulldog. You should always factor in your dog’s breed when it comes to determining how much exercise your pet needs. Another thing that you should consider is your dog’s health. If your adult dog has a medical condition including heart or respiratory issues or hip dysplasia, you should consult your vet about the most appropriate exercise routines that will help your four-legged companion to remain healthy without any discomfort. Be sure to inform your pet sitter of any special care that is needed as well.

Senior Dog

Your senior dog may not be as active. However, regardless of age, exercise is still important. Exercise helps to keep dogs active and provides them with mental stimulation. You should observe your dog’s behavior and consult with a vet about the exercise your dog requires.  If you spend adequate time with your dog you are better suited to judge how much exercise your senior dog may comfortably handle. The vet, on the other hand, can provide guidance and give you an informed opinion or advice on your dog’s exercise needs.

If have a busy schedule or you are finding it hard to keep up with your dog’s daily exercise routine you should consider paying for the services of a professional pet sitting service. This will guarantee that your dog is under the care of an experienced dog walker who will take your pet for a walk, which will ensure that your dog gets the daily exercise it needs to stay fit and to burn off excess energy. A pet sitter will also ensure that your dog gets the attention and daily exercise that is required. Some pet sitting services also provide kitty care, which is a bonus if you own a cat. You can leave both of your pets in a safe place where they will be well taken care of. In general, make sure that your dog gets the exercise it needs. If you are not in a position to keep up with your pet’s weekly schedule, do not hesitate to leave your dog under the care of the best pet sitting service.