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Many people believe the stereotype that cats and dogs do not get along. However, just like many other stereotypes, there are always exceptions to the commonly held beliefs. There are some dog breeds that are actually known to form strong bonds with cats! Many homeowners have even given positive feedback regarding how their dogs and cats are good friends. If you have a cat and would also like to add a dog to your household or vice-versa, you should know that certain dog breeds are wonderful and can live in harmony with your cat. Fortunately for you, there are many dog breeds that you can choose from. Below are five of the best dog breeds that get along well with cats.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are known to be one of the friendliest, and obedient canines in the world. The dogs are known to get along with cats and they enjoy their company. Moreover, due to their friendly nature, they are also the perfect companion for families with children.


Bichon Frise

If you love small dogs the Bichon Frise is an ideal choice. They are cheerful, gentle, and playful, which makes them the perfect companions for cats. When a house cat and Bichon Frise are raised together, they can become friends quickly and within no time they will start playing like siblings. Even if the two animals are introduced to each other later on in life, they can still learn to get along.

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland sheepdog is a small dog that you will love having around. They are known to be highly intelligent and responsive to their owners. These dogs will easily get along with your cat thanks to their intelligence, and patient nature. They can easily be trained and pick up on commands fast. Once the dog knows how your cat should be treated, they will end up becoming great companions.


Pomeranians are small dogs that are increasing becoming popular in many households. They are known to be cat friendly and to have an active personality. They are intelligent dogs that can easily be trained to get along with cats. The Pomeranian is the ideal small dog for anyone with a cat in the household.


Pugs are suitable dogs for cats especially because they are receptive, comprehensive, and friendly. They are also playful, which makes them good companions. Since pugs don’t particularly like hot weather, that makes them a great candidate to stay indoors with cats. If you need a dog that can be indoors for long periods, a pug makes a good choice. Just be sure to keep your cat’s nails trimmed regularly since a pug’s eyes can be a bit vulnerable given their slight bulge.

cat and dogThe list above includes 5 dog breeds that are ideal for you home if you own a cat or intend to get one. In some cases, the bond will not be instantaneous. Fortunately there are several tips that can help you to successfully introduce a dog to a cat.

 If you are worried about finding time to take care of your pet or walking the dog, you should know that these problems can easily be handled by a pet sitting company. A good company will ensure that your dog is taken for a walk by a professional dog walker. If you do not have the time to take care of your dog a pet sitter can ensure that the dog gets all the food, water, and company needed. In some cases, the same company can also offer kitty care services. In general, taking care of your pets will be less daunting and convenient by simply hiring the services of a professional pet sitter. Taking all the points raised above into account, you should definitely add a cat-friendly dog to your house.