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Black Short Haired DogWhat Is Your Dog Scared Of? 

Did you know that your dog’s bad behavior may be a result of them being scared? Several things can set a dog off and make them act out of character or create anxiety. Knowing when your dog is afraid, can help you ease their fears and stop their bad behavior from creating real havoc in your life. Here are the most common fears your dog has and how to help them through these trying situations.

Being Confined 

Your dog may also have anxiety about being confined. They may have problems adjusting to the room you have left them in when as they have no real place that they can feel safe. They need to feel secure in their own haven, and you can create a place for them to call their own with a dog crate or special bed that they know is just for them. Use plenty of blankets and pillows to make it cozy and include some of their favorite toys. Soon your dog will look forward to this special zone with your home that has been created just for them.

White and Tan English Bulldog Lying on Black RugBeing Alone 

Your furry friend may be afraid when you leave them alone. They may destroy your home when you are away or try to hurt themselves as a result of the anxiety they are feeling. Helping your dog calm down when you leave them alone can be managed by practicing being away for short periods of time. You need to reinforce their good behavior with rewards and help them to understand that you will be coming back.

Consider having a pet sitter when you leave for longer periods of time. This can help your dog stay calm, knowing that someone will be there with them. In addition, it is a good idea to give your dog plenty of exercise, so they are tired out when you leave and can relax easier. A dog walker can help you with this task if your schedule doesn’t allow for this.


Your dog may panic at the sound of loud noises. This can cause them to have high levels of anxiety and cower in fear or bark when they hear something that startles them. You can help distract our dog when there are loud noises such as thunder or fireworks by cuddling with them or playing a game that will take their mind off what is bothering them. A pet sitting service can also help to keep your dog calm during a storm or loud event if you can’t be there to comfort them.

Tilt Shift Lens Photography of a DogUnfamiliar Situations

When your dog encounters something new they can feel a range of emotions as they are unsure of the environment, people or other animals around them. You can help ease them into a new situation by socializing them more and getting them used to the unfamiliar. Use a leash to help control the situation and allow them to take to new people or dogs at their own pace.

Understanding your dog’s fears can help you nip that bad behavior before it gets out of control. If you can’t be there to calm your dog’s fears, try hiring a pet sitting service to be with them when you cannot. This can provide your dog the comfort they need and help to reduce their fears.