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adorable, animal, cuteFind A Dog Walker You Can Live With

Trusting your dog to a stranger can be a scary proposition, but when it comes to a dog walking service, it’s a necessary requirement. You can ease your dog into a new exercise routine by vetting the dog walker before you leave them alone to care for your furry friend. This can make the transition easier for both parties and help you feel more relaxed about the situation. Keep these tips in mind when you are looking to hire a dog walking service for your dog.

Ask For Referrals

One of the simplest of ways to find a dog walking service that you can trust and rely on is by asking your friends and family for referrals of services that they used. They will happily recommend a dog walker they really like and help you avoid one that won’t be focused on your dog.

Must Love Dogs

The most important requirement of the dog walker that you select is that they have a love of dogs. They should own a dog themselves or had one in the past or be extremely fond of animals, especially your dog’s breed. This can help foster a nurturing relationship between the two, ensuring that both are enjoying themselves on their walk.

Look For References Of Past Clients

Be sure to follow up on the references that your dog walking service provides to see what type of experience past clients have had with the company. This can help you weed out dog walkers before there is an issue and ensure your dog is properly cared for.

White Tank Long Coat Puppy Dog on Person's Lap With Ball in MoutGets Along With Your Dog

Give the dog walker and your dog a chance to meet before you hire as this will allow you to see how the two interact together and if their personalities are a match. Your dog should obey the dog walker, and they both should feel comfortable when they are together.

Fits Your Schedule

You want to find a dog walking service that can adhere to you and your dog’s schedule as well as the amount of exercise that your dog needs. They should be able to commit to early mornings or late evenings as required and walk your dog a significant distance to ensure they get the activity they need.

Take A Test Walk

Before you commit to a dog walker, try a test walk with your dog. This will give you firsthand knowledge of how your dog will be handled and what type of route they will take. This will also let you see if your dog can be properly managed without harm or demands that you are not comfortable with.

Hiring the right dog walking service can allow your dog to get the exercise they need as well as make a new best friend that they look forward to seeing each week. Be sure to use these tips to find a dog walker that works well with your pet and makes you feel at ease when they are together. To learn about how to find a pet sitting service click here.