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What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?

Have you ever wished your dog could talk, so you could understand how they are feeling? By learning your dog’s body language, you can uncover the messages they are trying to signal to you whether it be anxiety or even a friendly hello. Here are some signs to understand your dog’s body language, so you know what they are saying to you.

Signs That It’s Playtime

When your dog assumes a bowing position, this indicates that they want to have some fun and play with you. You will also notice that they are wiggling about and have a wagging tail. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with your dog and spend some one-on-one time that you both can enjoy. If you don’t have as much time as you would like to play with your dog, think about hiring a pet sitter to play with when you are away. This will help to keep your dog fit and healthy as they are constantly being stimulated by the pet sitter as well as yourself.

Stressful Feelings

If your dog is feeling stressed or anxious, it may not be obvious to you at the start. They perform very regular movements that you may pass off as normal behavior. These signs such as licking the lips, yawning, or slow eye blinking is telling you that they are not OK with the situation at hand. If your dog regularly shows stress, especially when they are home alone, you might want to consider having a pet sitter take care of them when you are not there. This can provide a calming effect for your dog and help them reduce their stress levels.

Shyness Around Strangers

We all seen dogs that shrink into the ground upon meeting someone new. They may have their ears back or try to make themselves as small as possible. This means they are feeling shy towards a newcomer and need more time to get to know them. Allow the dog to sniff your outstretched hand and give them as much time as they need to get used to your scent.

Saying Hello When You Return Home

As you arrive back home, you may see your dog stretching as if they have just woken up from a nap. This doesn’t mean that they are waking up, but rather, that they are happy to see you and are saying hello. Your dog will only do this with people they know and are fond of. If you have a regular pet sitter that cares for your dog, over time, your dog will begin to stretch when they arrive as well, because they are happy to see them and know that fun will ensue upon their arrival.

Understanding your dog’s body language can go a long way in helping you communicate with them on a daily basis. They can tell you when they are happy as well as when they are scared. If you notice that your dog is telling you that they don’t like to be alone, employ a pet sitter to keep them company when you are away. They will be happy you did and thank you with a stretch each time that they see you.