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How to Make Sure Your Dog is Cared for Over the Holiday

Memorial weekend is up upon us, and with all the festivities to be had this weekend, it is important that you also take your furry friend into consideration. While you no doubt have a ton of activities planned for the holiday, you shouldn’t discount Fido’s safety when it comes to crowds, parties, or fireworks.

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Crowds Can Cause Anxiety

Yes, you should certainly have a good time this Memorial Day and just because you have a pet to take care of doesn’t mean you need to be a hermit in your own home. While you may be tempted to bring your dog with you to the party, they may not be up to the event as much as you hoped. Crowds can give a well-behaving dog plenty of anxiety and cause them to act out of character.

Dogs can behave unpredictably in these situations as they are out of their regular routine and surrounded by people that they don’t know. Children poking at prodding at them can create an annoyance for dogs, and you would hate to have an accident happen because you decided to take your dog with you.

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Care While You Are Away

When you have a party or two to attend, you should consider leaving your best friend at home with a pet sitting service that can provide the care that your dog needs. This will allow your dog to stay in an environment they are comfortable with and have someone to keep them company while you are gone. You won’t have to worry about your dog as they will be in the capable hands of a pet sitter, getting the love and care they need to remain safe this Memorial weekend.


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Loud Noises Can Cause Aggressive Behavior

You may not think of fireworks when it comes to Memorial weekend. But, this is indeed a popular holiday for fireworks that can cause great stress for your dog. The loud noises from fireworks can amplify the uncomfortableness that you dog is feeling. They are already in an unfamiliar place, and when you add loud noises to the situation, you have a recipe for aggressive behavior from your dog.

The best advice is to leave your dog with a pet sitting service that can allow your dog to remain in the comfort of your home without being unnecessarily subjected to the loud noises that a fireworks display can cause. This will keep your pet more at ease as a pet sitter is there to comfort your dog when they feel uneasy. You won’t have to worry about your dog acting up or getting aggressive with another person, keeping both you and your pet free from harm’s way.

You can make sure your dog enjoys the Memorial holiday as much as you do by keeping them safe with a pet sitting service. This will ensure they don’t have any unexpected behavior that can put an end to your holiday party sooner than you expected.