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Dog, Host, Hug, Service, PecelHow To Comfort Your Dog During Stressful Situations

We’ve all seen our dog cower in fear, whether it is because a loud noise has frightened them or they are experiencing anxiety as a result of a scary situation. Your dog may run and hide or come to you for protection. During these stressful situations, it can be hard to know the best way to comfort your dog, so they feel better. You hate seeing them suffer in any way and want to instantly make them feel better by comforting them during this difficult time.

Together, Joy, Sammhörighet, Friends, Trust, Woman, DogShower Them With Affection

Part of comforting your furry friend is to make sure they get the love and attentions they need when they are scared. As they come to you, be sure to provide plenty of hugs and kisses to let them know that you are there for them and will keep them safe. This can allow the stress that your dog is feeling to reduce and help them get through the event that is causing them alarm.

When your dog is alone these feelings of fear can amplify as there is no one there to let them know that things will be OK. If your dog has a great deal of anxiety when you are away or will be in a stressful situation, consider having a pet sitting service look after your dog while you are away. Just like you would comfort your dog, a pet sitting service will be there to do the same to calm your dog and help them to feel comfortable when you are not there.

Pet, Dog, Puppy, The Shy, Cute, Animal, Cane CorsoAllow Them To Hide In A Safe Place

If your dog tends to hide when they are scared, it is perfectly acceptable to let them stay where they are. Allow your dog to remain in their hiding spot until they feel safe to come out. When they do, shower them with affection and create a space that is inviting for them. This could include their favorite toy, a blanket to snuggle with or a few treats. You want the environment to be as welcoming as possible so they don’t retreat again.

Animal, Sea, DogDistract Them With Exercise

You can also try giving reducing the stress that your dog is feeling by giving them some exercise. A walk around the block or quick game of catch can decrease that pent up energy and allow them to calm down with a much-needed distraction.

A dog walking service can also help with the stress that your dog feels as they can provide that much needed-attention that will help your dog reduce their anxiety. If you are going to be away from home for some time, allowing a pet sitting service to watch over your dog can provide them with love during the times you can’t be there; it will help during those uneasy times to reduce the stress that your dog is feeling.

When it comes to comforting your dog, trust your instincts and do what seems most natural in for the event. If you know your dog will be a stressful situation, don’t leave them alone. Have a pet sitting service stay with them so they are not lonely. Always remember to give plenty of affection to your dog during these stressful times and allow them to find a spot where they feel safe. This will make those scary occasions less fearful for your dog and help them deal with the anxiety they are feeling while you comfort them.