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About Zen Pet

We are experienced pet professionals and we understand each dog or cat has their own unique personality, therefore we create a plan of action best suited to fit your pets lifestyle, challenges and routines.


Deliver high level customer service and peace of mind to pet parents while providing the highest level of care for your pets.


Practice Living Mindfully and Compassionately with all creatures.


Most days a zen dog walker or pet sitter can be the highlight of your dog’s day while you’re at work, or away and we take pride in caring for and exercising your dog responsibly. When your dog comes home happy and tired we know we’ve done our job!

We are a team of experienced dog walkers and pet sitters who enjoy making a difference. We strive to make a difference in the lives of each dog we meet by adding midday walks filled with socialization, exercise and play. Your zen dog walker and pet sitter looks forward to their time spent with your dog or cat as much as your pet does. We take our job seriously and at the same time we know how to play, a good combo for a dog walker we’d say! When it comes to you and your pets we are flexible, reliable, and professional and we make great company (our dogs tail wags, kitty meow’s and licks upon our arrival tell us so)! Whether we are walking along the beautiful La Jolla Shores, The Hills of Mt. Soledad, or hiking with your dogs along the trails of Scripps Ranch, Tierrasanta, and Carmel Valley or in local neighborhoods like Bankers Hill, Kensington or University City we make sure your dog gets the best walking experience imaginable.


Denise Eve, a devoted mother, humanitarian and dog whisperer followed her heart and knew she wanted to make a difference and create a better world for dogs and cats as early as she could remember. She began her career/passion in the pet service industry in 1990. Denise owned and operated Perfect Pet Salon a Pet Spa in Solana Beach where she spent over 10 years working with all types of dog personalities. Since then Denise has cared not only for her own dogs over the years yet for those of her clients, witnessing how “at home” Denise is with dogs and cats her clients immediately began requesting pet sitting services. Fast forward a few years… Denise spent numerous years as a marketing consultant yet she always knew she had to return to her heart’s desire and when she did in late 2014 Zen Dog Walker and Zen Pet Sitting was birthed. Every day since, Denise and the entire Zen Dog Walker team bring heart, integrity and tremendous care for all the families and dogs they serve. The team thrives on providing solutions to pet parents with busy lives.

With years of experience behind us complimented by our boundless love for pets we could not be more eager to develop a long term relationship with you and your dog or cat. Our clients say our professionalism is unparalleled. We are insured, bonded and members of Pet Sitters Associates. Give us a call today to talk with us about creating a tailored dog walk or pet sitting for your pets personality.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
– Josh Billing
Mindfulness and Animals with The Zen Pet

Pet Sitting Dog walking Promo with The Zen Pet


The Mission of Zen Pet- “Deliver high level customer service and peace of mind to pet parents while providing the highest level of care for your pets.” Thanks to the amazing team of experienced pet professionals we are honored each day to fulfill our mission.

When I opened Zen Pet I knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of pets and although we do so everyday. I wanted to take this a step further and do more for pets less fortunate.

We currently host “Mutt Mingle” events where we collect food, beds and chews to donate to local pet rescues. While these events are helpful I believe we can do more for homeless and abandoned dogs and cats on a daily basis.

As of November 2017 each dog walk now serves an even higher purpose and meaning. Introducing: Beyond the Walk| For every dog we walk we give a dollar to a local rescue.

So, every time you reserve a dog walk there is meaning beyond the walk, the more dogs we walk the more we help an abandoned pet. Every dollar we donate goes towards the care of a pet in need: Food, a warm bed, care and safety, until they find their forever home, together we can do our part. We will continue to expand this program to reach as many pets in need as we can doing our part by helping local pet advocate organizations such as: F.A.C.E., Frosted Faces, Lionel’s Legacy, Dogs Fur Days. Second Chance Rescue, and many others.

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”
— A.D. Williams

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